> Orthodoxy in Korea

Many of these photos have been stolen (and some edited) from Fr. Daniel Na of St. Paul's Orthodox Church in Incheon. The comments don't imply accuracy. Most of these can be found with a great many more at the church's website, referenced elsewhere on ξενιτεια.

Palm Sunday
Paschal Eggs
Paschal Hours
Sunday of Orthodoxy
Fr. Daniel in Paschal Procession
Paschal Procession
Cross on the Altar
Close up of the Passion
The Passion
Baptism at St. Paul's
At Dinner
In the Narthex
Waiting in the Narthex
Archbishop Demetrios
Receiving the Metropolitan's Blessing
Met. Soterios and Fr. Daniel
Fr. Daniel and Met. Soterios
The Two Bishops
Bless Master